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This year has been a strange one, hasn’t it? Most of us never thought we’d see a pandemic sweep the globe in our lifetime, yet here we are. We are continuing to fight. We have learned so much over this year. And hopefully, we’re better people for it.

We came together as families, communities and countries – and worked tirelessly to fight a virus that we’d never seen before. Our heroes in harm’s way have put their lives on the line to save lives – or just to ensure we could keep on living comfortably throughout the pandemic. They deserve our respect and admiration; let’s never forget their sacrifices.
我们来自不同的家庭、团体、国家 —— 并不屈不挠地与之前从未见过的病毒作斗争。我们的英雄不顾安危,冒着生命危险挽救无数生命 ——抑或是保证我们能在疫情期间继续过上舒适的生活。他们值得我们的尊重与钦佩,让我们永远不要忘记他们的牺牲奉献。

We now know we can rise to any challenge, and we can develop life-saving technology – a vaccine – faster than any other time in human history. Before 2020, developing a vaccine in less than a year was thought to be impossible, yet here it is.
如今,我们知道自身能应对任何挑战,我们能以迄今人类历史上最快的速度研发出挽救生命的技术 —— 疫苗。在2020年以前,人们认为在不到一年的时间研发出一款疫苗是不可能的事,但是现在我们做到了。

This year has put things into perspective. We can never truly appreciate the good things in life until we’re challenged by something bad. The lockdowns have made us appreciate how beautiful freedom is. Social distancing has made us realize how wonderful it is to be around people, friends and family. The lows of this unprecedented year will hopefully make every future moment feel more vibrant than ever before.

Even though COVID-19 stole the spotlight this year, people of the world still moved onward and upward, and accomplished great things. China’s Chang’e 5 lunar probe has returned to Earth with the first moon samples in over 40 years. Tianwen 1 is now more than 100 million kilometers from Earth and is expected to arrive on Mars in February.

The slowdown of human activity as a result of the lockdowns also gave scientists a chance to study ecosystems devoid of people – and showed us what was in reach for the environment with quieter oceans and less polluted cities. This year has also seen a surge in electric vehicle sales as businesses and governments around the world deal with climate change like never before.

Rather than focus on the negatives of 2020, let’s celebrate our victories. There is nothing we can’t do as citizens of the world. This year is proof of that.

(Translator & Editor: Wang Yue (Intern) AND Wang Xingwei)


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