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最近,一篇名为《各位,这里有点不对劲,对比美国2009年的H1N1病毒和中国2020年的冠状病毒》(“Something's Not Right Here Folks”| A Look at USA 2009 H1N1 Virus Compared to China 2020 Corona Virus)的文章在社交媒体上引发广泛关注。


文章作者是在中国生活了近20年的意大利裔美国人马意骏(Mario Cavolo), 文章对比了11年前美国H1N1流感暴发后,和此次新冠肺炎暴发后,各界不同的反应。






I thought about H1N1 in 2009, and I went to the CDC website, which is linked in the article. So this is the CDC, center for disease control, they’re highly respected organization and the initial estimates were like 1.6 million were infected and 18,000 died. 



But then when I did a follow-up estimate of what H1N1 ended up really doing, it was three years later in 2012. 



And it's all in the CDC Information in the link on their website to 60 million infected and an estimated 284,000 died. And I thought wow, that's incredible.



And the point for me was, and that was from them as experts, and that was just an estimate. 



But no one was making these nasty anti-China attacks of, oh, the numbers aren't right. China's hiding it. They’re bad. The government's doing a terrible job. They're hiding what the real numbers are. 



But nobody said any of that to the CDC back when this global pandemic in 2009 was happening. And the dichotomy between the two responses is horrifying. This xenophobic anti-China reaction is horrifying. It's been going on, it's in politics. That's why I wrote the article.









When the United States 2009 H1N1 swine flu emerged, an international emergency, a declared global pandemic, it eventually infected 60 million and initially killed a minimum of 18,449 cases that year. But the final story of the H1N1 global pandemic was far worse than that, with close to 300,000 deaths, according to the final tallies in 2012 reported by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).





During the 2009 H1N1 outbreak, I don't recall xenophobic anti-America attacks across the globe, do you? In fact, do you recall it took six months for the US to declare a national emergency? Did any government from the onset in April 2009 through the end in April 2010, including the month of June, when H1N1 was declared an international emergency global pandemic, then send out a notice to its citizens that they should leave the United States? Close their borders to American travelers? Nope, not a peep.







As I said, something's not right, folks. I am reading hateful vicious attacks on the Chinese government for their supposed intentional conspiracy to intentionally under report the number of infections, yet that is exactly and always the case with such flu outbreaks no matter what country and the CDC reports illustrate that crystal clear.




The US H1N1 swine flu numbers were vastly underestimated and updated three years later, because dear friends, that is the nature of such viral outbreaks which don't care which country they started in. There is never enough manpower, there are never enough test kits, there is never enough medicine or medical supplies.




China is not trying to hide these hardships, they are well known, they are being reported on the news daily in China. Those are the facts, not any problem unique to China's healthcare system or government. 




It's not a conspiracy; it's just a tragedy.




So during the 2009 outbreak, was anyone accusing the American medical and government authorities of hiding the numbers? Were Americans with hidden cameras strolling into the Mayo Clinic to PROVE how many people were really dying?







Today I noticed in the updates that following the United States Department of State policy suggesting US citizens leave China, the United Kingdom embassy just released the same recommendation to subjects of the kingdom.




In 2009, did UK subjects in America get a notice from their kingdom to leave America? No. 




Did the world suggest we isolate from America? Close the US borders!? No.




Did Americans get xenophobically attacked and targeted by anti-American sentiments like the Chinese are experiencing now? Um, no.










Instead of looking at the will of an entire system of government acting faster than any other government on the planet could, we are one month later, still busy bashing a few local government officials in Wuhan who should have told us a couple weeks sooner. 




And yes, that is true those local officials screwed up. And by the way, those officials are in deep trouble for it. Just like the recent Puerto Rican politicians who are in trouble when we learned they didn't distribute hurricane emergency supplies that were sent to them to help during last year's terrible hurricane. A disgrace.




Individual people screw up all the time and hopefully justice gets served later, but that's not an indictment of an entire country's government.







The world should be applauding China's unprecedented, broad, aggressive response. 







I am on the ground here in China watching with my own eyes and it is quite incredible by any measure.



It's impossible not to marvel at China's broad and aggressive domestic response directed by the provincial level governments to restrict movement, restrict transportation, and restrict business for a period of time combined with the voluntary dutiful cooperation of its 1.3 billion citizens who are in the majority quietly staying at home these weeks to let the virus pass.




This model response is already being hailed by the international community as a remarkable unprecedented response setting a new standard in understanding what is possible for future outbreaks in whatever country they may occur. 















而身处国外的华人和留学生,成为了歧视事件的受害者。2月2日,去年曾在德国用三种语言对峙香港示威者的内地姑娘@雅伦Yalun,发布了一条微博,引发关注。文中她表示“我真的气哭了,德国出现第一起因为冠状病毒留学生被殴打的事件了。” (戳这里回顾)







There's a strange senseless bullying extremism and activism in today's society and you should do your best to avoid it and not be a part of it.




It is fomented by a small group of extremist activists while definitely not supported by your average mainstream person who is simply exhausted by their outrage-inducing antics.







It's not called the China virus and neither was H1N1 called the America virus.


德国《明镜》周刊(Der Spiegel)在封面上赫然写着“新型冠状病毒,中国制造”


Like I said, something's not right with the way humanity is responding to what's happening here. 




It needs to stop. This vicious, political, xenophobic racist attacks and smearing of all things on China needs to stop. It's really not helping anyone in the political corridors of Washington nor is it doing anything to help the man on the street who is just concerned with taking care of his family.






The xenophobia needs to stop now. Whether in a couple of weeks or months later, this nasty Coronavirus will begin declining and the joy of Spring will arrive.




Between now and then if you don't have anything good, anything supportive to say about China or Chinese people, how about you just keep your mouth shut.





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