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Loyal fans of the hit RPG "World of Warcraft" are anxious to see its movie adaptation happening on June 10, 2016. And while they're still waiting for the movie to finally hit theaters, director Duncan Jones gladly talked about his highly anticipated movie.

While he talked about the progress of the film during an interview with 2P, Jones also discussed characters in "WOW." In his efforts to bring justice to the well-loved game, Jones reportedly asked great actors to portray the characters in the movie. One of them is Daniel Wu, whom he can't stop singing praises for amazingly portraying his character Gul'dan, the leader of the Orcs.

Interviewer: Why choose Daniel to star Gul'dan? You know he's such a handsome man in the eyes of Chinese audience, especially female audience.

Jones: Daniel is a handsome man in any part of the world! I am fortunate I married my wife before she had a chance to meet him, or maybe she would have tried to marry him! He is not just good looking though. He is incredibly talented and hard working.

In all of my films, I try to do two things; cast the strongest actors I can find for the part, and offer each actor something new, something they have not had the chance to do before, in a role that excites them. I was very fortunate that Daniel loved the crazy idea I had for him! He plays the handsome lead so much, that for him, this was something very different!

Interviewer: How do you think of Daniel's acting? How similar is he going to be like Gul'dan in the video game?

Jones: Daniel has definitely put his own stamp on the character… and that is how it should be. You don't hire great actors to crush their individuality by forcing them into a mould you have in mind! You find a way to blend the character and the man, and get a performance that is rooted in something that is honest to them.

But of course, there is a lot of expectation for Warcraft, and an audience that has strong ideas on who and what the characters should be. This is a good challenge, and one I know Daniel was excited to take up! He had one very important fan of the game to impress; his wife! She has played Warcraft for a long time, and was very serious that he gets Gul’dan just right!

And while fans are worried that Daniel Wu won't have too much exposure or importance in "Warcraft" movie, Duncan Jones assured fans that it's not going to be the case, instead Wu is such an important character in the game that he is "pivotal" in the story.

"I understand the concern..." He said. "But please do not worry. Gul'dan is a central character, who is pivotal to the film's story! You will see a lot of him, but... you will not see Daniel Wu in the way you expect!"

(Translator & Editor: Ma Zheng AND Ji Yuan)

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