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Misogyny sparks shooting


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【导读】受害者还是杀人狂?22岁的美国加州大学生Elliot Rodger因为总是被女生拒绝,而产生了深深的“厌女”情结,最终举枪射杀六人后自杀身亡,被媒体称为“处男杀手”。处男杀手并不是一个人,一起去看这些“厌女”者对于女性都有着怎样可怕的看法?
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A deadly shooting and stabbing rampage in California has sparked a renewed debate on mental wellbeing and gun control in the US. But many are blaming misogyny in US mainstream culture for propelling the killer to commit the horrible crimes.

Elliot Rodger, 22, who killed six people before apparently shooting himself near the University of California, Santa Barbara campus, on May 23, made misogynous comments in videos and his lengthy manifesto.
5月23日,22岁的Elliot Rodger在加州大学圣巴巴拉分校校园附近开枪杀死六人后自杀身亡。在他生前录制的一段视频及留下的长篇遗书中,他的“厌女”情结一览无余。

In one YouTube video, Rodger talked of “loneliness, rejection and unfulfilled desires” and blamed women for throwing themselves at “obnoxious brutes” but rejecting him, “the supreme gentleman”.

The word “misogyny” originates from Greek and literally means women hating. In real life, it manifests itself as an attitude toward women, treating them as objects of sexual desire instead of thinking individuals. In Rodger’s twisted mind, says an Atlantic article, women are not people, but trophies through which men show their power and worth. Rodger felt worthless because no woman was attracted to him, therefore, he resorted to extreme violence to prove his power and worth.

In an opinion piece in The Boston Globe, Alex Pearlman points out that Rodger is not alone in his hatred for women. There are plenty of like minds on the Internet.
在《波士顿环球报》的观点专栏中,Alex Pearlman指出,在仇视女性的道路上Rodger一点也不孤单,在网络上还有很多这样的人。

Dangerous mindset

They populate so-called “Pick Up Artist” communities, where men share tricks on how to get women to sleep with them. Rodger himself belonged to a website called PUAHate, dedicated to exposing not the pick up artists’ misogynous behavior, but their tricks, which sometimes don’t work.
这些人往往出没于所谓“搭讪指南”一类的网络社区中,在这里分享他们勾搭女人上床的技巧。而Rodger自己则是 “PUAHate”论坛的用户,他倒是没有在论坛里发表“搭讪大师”们的“厌女”行为,只是发布了一些有时不怎么奏效的“搭讪技巧”。

Angry young men go to rail against women on this website, says Pearlman: “The users constitute a hive mind of twisted self-victimization that only gets amplified with every post.” These sites reflect “an attitude that blames women — never themselves — for the collective misery and loneliness of the members of the group.”

Emily Lindin is a graduate student from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She also says Rodger and others like him are dominated by a misogynous mindset. They believe that women are prizes to be won, says Lindin, not actual people who can make decisions about their own bodies.
Emily Lindin是加州大学圣巴巴拉分校的一名毕业生,她也认为Rodger和其他一些像他一样的人都有着浓重的“厌女”思想。他们不把女性当做能够独立决断的真正的人,而是把她们看做胜利品。

Laurie Penny, from online comment site New Statesman, says the ideology behind Rodger’s rage and other violence toward women is simple: Women owe men. In the misogynous extremist view, women, as a class and as a sex, owe men sex, love and attention.
在线评论网站New Statesman的Laurie Penn认为,Rodger的愤怒及其对待女性的暴行背后的意识形态十分简单:女人亏欠男人。在极端的“厌女”主义者眼中,女人不过是一个应满足男人欲望、给予男人爱与关注的物种或是性别。

“We owe them respect and obedience, and our refusal to give it to them is to blame for their anger, their violence. Most of all, there is an overpowering sense of rage and entitlement: the conviction that men have been denied a birthright of easy power,” writers Penny.

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